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ORION CONSTRUCTION MANAGERS provides professional management and consulting services for a variety of construction, industrial and real estate development projects.  We serve our clients by acting as their exclusive agent throughout the planning, design and construction phases, helping to ensure that quality, cost and schedule objectives are met. Since our fees are not tied to construction contracts, we are able to make decisions and recommendations strictly with the owner's interests in mind. As a small, service-oriented firm, we pay great attention to detail and make it our goal to produce savings greater than our fees.  We work closely with the client to evaluate design and construction alternatives and establish priorities. We can assist in the selection of architects, engineers and contractors, and we monitor their performance in line with pre-established objectives. A comprehensive development path for the entire project helps quantify schedules, costs and quality concerns, and reduces misunderstandings, errors and costly changes. Our expertise in budgeting, coordination, scheduling, construction, and contracts fills the gaps left by many traditional construction practices. Acting as a liaison with all of the project participants, we provide both oversight and insight on the client's behalf.
 ORION C.M., INC.  3030 BRIDGEWAY, SUITE 111  SAUSALITO, CA 94965  TEL 415.887.9680